About us

Our company R.A.P.A.S. – 97 Ltd started its operation in 1997 with the introduction of unique on the territory of Bulgaria system for tracking and monitoring of mobile objects. Thanks to the good cooperation with the Police authorities and based on signed contracts with leading insurance companies and car importers for the period of operation of the system RAPAS have discovered more than 1,100 thefts of vehicles worth more than 50ml. lev (which is over 80% detection)..

The company builds its own service center for installation and service of car alarms and immobilizers repair of electrical installations of cars, installation of stereos, TV systems, parking sensors and others. With the growth and development of road transport in Bulgaria is increasingly require the use of GPS system. For this purpose RAPAS develop and offer its customers a reliable solution for monitoring and control of motor vehicles.
Along with up to now listed RAPAS develops all services accompanying the development of video surveillance systems – project development, equipment supply, installation, training to work with the system, warranty and support at competitive prices and excellent service. Proof of the quality of services offered by RAPAS have contracts with many renowned and leading companies in their field support and MI and leading insurance companies.